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Music Quest Music Quest

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Cool Tool, Needs Work

Very cool concept. I really like the ability to find music like that and to listen through easily. Very useful for DJs such as myself.

However, there are a few issues I've noticed:

a. The genres need some serious work. I'd advise you giving Ishkur's guide to electronic music a look for some inspiration on how to organize your genres, but a few are WAY too broad. For example: house. You're not going to find what you want by searching for simply house music. It needs to be more defined than that. Another example would be Drum N Bass. Tons of variety so it's hard to be specific.

Maybe consider adding a "filter tags within playlist" option? So you can find, say, 90s Drum N Bass.

b. Sometimes the text is too long and cuts off near the bottom. Perhaps implement a scroll bar or only call a few lines of it?

c. Religion is spelled wrong.

d. No volume control as far as I can tell. I have a mixer so it's okay, but for most people this would be something worth fixing.

Overall, it has a lot of potential and I'm excited to see how it will improve in the future!

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Circls Circls

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very cool!

Now, I like the style, and the music fits well (XD)!

Here's what I think, though: the key system is a bit, well, clunky. How about simply mousing over or clicking on them instead? That would work well, because when I got a fast "A" circl, I was unsure which button to press, as I don't know my way around the keyboard very quickly (I can obviously type fast, though).

Overall, good game, good concept, looks great! Nice job!

knugen responds:

The "sequel" will have different types of circls, one of those types will require you to simply press the button.

(Also, there's a reason why I've made three difficulty levels ;] )

Portal: The Flash Version Portal: The Flash Version

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game...

This game was awesome! It was really fun to play, and you got the concept of the game just right! Most of the coding was perfect, although I noticed a few minor glitches, nothing serious! Awesome stuff guys! A level editor would be cool too.

@ The reviewer below me... SHUT THE FUCK UP! This is a great game, you don't understand how much work these guys must have put into it, giving it a one because of a few minor glitches! Shame on you! >:(

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FL Studio Basics Tutorial FL Studio Basics Tutorial

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice for newbies...

I've been using FL studio since January, so this tutorial has not helped me whatsoever.

You did miss a lot of important info, such as the 3XOSC WHICH IS WHAT EVERYONE USES AT A HIGH LEVEL... But, this will help people get started...

You could have also explained more about each effect, such as eqing, filtering, phasers, flangers, vocoders, etc, but I guess that yours worked too.

The one thing that really pissed me off was how you still used FL preset instruments... People should really only use those to layer with their current samples...

Overall, it was a pretty good tutorial, but you missed a lot of essential things that many would have liked to see.

DoomyCheese responds:

Well it is after all a 'beginner' tutorial. It says so right in the name :P The last thing newbies need, is to be confused by all the extra details of the things you mentioned. This tutorial is just to get them started, to see how all the basics of FL Studio work.

Finishing the NG Layout! Finishing the NG Layout!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Funny concept!! I like how it is executed. However, you choice of audio was overused, however, I think it adds to this feel of the game. I think you should have given ParagonX9 credit for the song. Otherwise, great game and funny ending!

JohnMazz responds:

Well the audio thing was a bit of a problem at the time. I didnt have access to the audio protal (obviosuly) and I wanted to use a song from there. I actually nabbed that mp3 off of a YTMND page. I didnt know who made it and planned to add the credit when I found out, so thanks!

Spectrum Spectrum

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome, one problem!

I loved it! It was very fast paced and difficult!

The only problem is that you can't load music from the Audio Portal into it. That is a shame.

Advanced Tutorial Advanced Tutorial

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


First off, are these really advanced topics? They seem like "bitmap" and "miscellaneous" rather than advanced.

The bitmap tracing was imperfect. It left a white line around the character. I also didn't like the lightsaber. It looked too fat. How about making it come to a point, like real lightsabers do? Also, the lightsaber trails were bad. They should have been fading, rather than solid.

The computer voice was hell. I didn't want to wait until the voice was done to explore the flash. It just kept talking! It was very annoying! You should have used a different method of sound.

It wasn't funny, so I can't give a score.

Overall, it was OK. It was not great and didn't teach me too many new things. Keep trying harder.

{Review Request Club}

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wolfinator-x responds:

Sorry about the voice. I can only stop all the sounds, not one sound only, and if I stop all the sounds, the sound after will not appear.

Lightsabers, I usually make them better.

NSG013: Zenon is Gay NSG013: Zenon is Gay

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Super Awesomeness!

Wow, just wow. This was hilarious and wasn't too much crap. Good music too!


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LuckyLollipopLad responds:


When I heard that song, I just had to turn it into something...


Rated 1 / 5 stars


Well, the graphic were low quality and the actual gameplay was unclear. I actually had no idea what I was doing when I was playing.

Maybe an instructions section will clear things up.

Sinistermuffin responds:

i added a instructions part in the comments sections

SWAT Training(Unfinished) SWAT Training(Unfinished)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not bad!

Overall, very good. It looked nice too! The only qualm that I had was the x-axis inversion. Usually, only the y-axis is inverted. It made it difficult to aim well.