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(...if you remember me, come say hi this summer in...)

2014-05-26 19:46:08 by Nav

San Francisco!

I'm interning here for a few months. Come say hello if you want.


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2014-05-26 19:54:25

Okay. So should I just go around San Fransisco screaming "NAV! PLEASE! MAKE MUSIC WITH ME!" around each tourist area?

Nav responds:

sounds good

you probably wont encounter me as I'm not going to be spending most of my time in the tourist areas, but you'll probably end up having a nice vacation


2014-05-27 09:28:47

Damn! I lived in the Bay Area for a year. Moved back in August but hey; have fun out there! Check out the Castro if you get a chance. I've never seen so many dildos.

Nav responds:

Heh, sure thing. I know some folks who live around there so I'll definitely be wandering over there at some point.