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Audio/Drum and Bass Links!

Posted by Nav - November 23rd, 2007

Ok, over the past few months, I've been collecting links to helpful threads and sites for audio. Many relate to drum and bass, and I've categorized them for ease of use.

Rucklo's Compression Thread
Doa Thread About FL Studio... Lots of advanced help beyond our current thread.
Doa thread about pads.
Another Doa thread, this time about ambiance and pads.
Interface mod for the Parametric EQ.

Doa - Bandpass filters/Mastering
Doa - Compression
Doa - EQing and frequency ranges.

-Drum and Bass-
Doa - Q/A session with Noisia.
Doa - DnB Pad Synthesis
Doa - Filthy Reese Tutorial.
Drum and Bass Patterns
Doa - Tips for getting Kicks/Subs the right level.
Doa - Making a gritty snare snap.
Doa - Subby kicks with sub bass?
Doa - Well rounded kick drums?
Multilayered drums in FL.
Doa - DnB production on the NDS
VIDEO - Roland Neuro Reese Tutorial.
Doa - Reason Reese Tutorial
Doa - Decent Reese Tutorial
Doa - Making your own filters in Reason.
Doa - how to do a C4C/Optical bass in Kontakt.
Doa - Rolling Reeses
Doa - DnB Filter Vsts?

Doa - Few Basshits/Break
Doa - Reese Sample Pack
Sample Blog
Doa - Heavy Breaks sample pack
Entire Doa sampleswap!
Doa - Declassified Breaks
Yun's 70s Breaks Samplepack
Doa - Reason 4 ReGroove Samples
Doa - More Reese samples!
Doa - BBass sample pack!
Doa - SNB DnB samples! Great packs!
Doa - Amen Pack
Doa - 70s Funk Samplepack

Doa - The Famous LUTHARON SAMPLEPACK!! You will need to look around for a working download, though.

That's it guys. I'll regularly update this on my newspost. Enjoy :)

Doa - Nu:Tone Q&A (Check page 2 for an amen sample pack!)!
Doa - Lutharon Single Hit Drum Sample Pack (Yeah, the same guy who made that huge sample pack listen above!)

Parallel Compression for Fatter Drum Tones
Doa - Dirty Cymbal Pack

Doa - General D&B mixing.
Doa - Using effects part 1, compression techniques.
Doa - Multiband Compression
Doa - Shaping and Tweaking Sounds.
Doa - Frequency Ranges and EQ Settings

Fletcher-Munson Curves
Nyquist-Shannon Sampling Theorem
Equal Loudness Contour




I think I love you.


No problem man! I just felt that it would be good to share XD

thx man but i think thats too complicated for me. is this possible in fl studio?

Yes, it is. I use FL studio, and these links are helpful to me. If you're just starting, then I'd stay away from this, there's a lot of high level content here.


Thanks :D

oops wrong rule


Nice list you have there.

<a href="http://www.dogsonacid.com/showthread.php?s=&amp;threadid=30683">http://www.dogsonacid.com/showthread.
php?s=&amp;threadid=30683</a> has a list of DOA amd external posts too. Most of the external ones are dead though :(

Ohh, that's a nice one. Thanks!

if i have a baby, im naming it navij. thats how much i love a list of links. especially dnb links.

Thanks :)

I'll be sure to keep adding more :P

dude I will have to read this, all ^_^ when I have time, Keep on showing them who is boss with your kick ass music!

Thanks! If you have any questions about what this means, ask me! I'll be sure to answer your questions!

Thanks for this, it's really helpful.

Thanks for this post, it helped me understand compression xD